Hey guys it's Kat from One Hundred Years Forgotton
And this is my design blog. I design things for your blog. I hope you can order from me soon. I have had years of practice on making graphics. I have been making graphics since 2011. And over the years I have gotten so much better!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do you make full blogger designs?
A. No not at this time sorry, maybe in the future.

Q. Are your designs free?
A. Yes they are!

- I don't put any copyrights on most of my graphics so please if you order my graphics, add my button to your blog. (find it below)

- Please only order once a week. Feel free to order in bulk (more than one thing). I just don't want to be flooded with forms.

- Please be very specific on what you want your graphic to look like.

Like I said before, I usually don't add copyrights to my graphics so I would like for you guys to add my button to your blog!

graphics by kat